Automobile services

+Carbon Fiber Wrap
Give the sleek racing look to any vehicle without having to pay the big bucks for actual carbon fiber.

We install carbon fiber to certain parts of the vehicle including hood, dashboard, fenders, spoilers,… We also offer different shades of carbon fiber to best match the rest of your car.

+Solid Matte Wrap
Want to completely change the colour of your vehicle? Or maybe just protect the existing painting of your car? This is the wrap for you.

The matte finish gives a less reflective look to your car and protects the original paint. That means that when you are ready to re-sell your car, the value of your car is better kept.

+Ads Wrap
Why not transform your vehicle into a moving ad for your company? You already spend plenty of time on the road, might as well transform that driving time into marketing time.

Big or small, logos, contact information…you name it and we can do it. Feel free to use our “Get a Quote” form to the right so we can estimate how much it would cost.

+Boat Wraps
Wraps are not only for cars. Installing wrap on your boat will make your boat look like a whole different boat. Change the colour, add design, or maybe even some flames to it?

Some of the benefits of installing wrap on your boat include protecting your boat’s original paint, giving it a new look, and making it stand out at the dock.

+Body Shop
In addition to car wraps, we offer a wide range of other related auto body services. To learn more about our other services please visit our main website at

Feel free to come and visit our state-of-the-art facility and equipment to see the kind of work we do.

Services overview

Having worked for years with high-end vehicles such as BMW, Porsche, Hummer, Cadillac,… we know what it takes to match the quality of these fine crafted vehicles. We also know what it takes to satisfy our finest clients.

Using 3M car wraps is only one of the steps we take to make sure that our services match the highest level of quality. Having highly trained staff is a must so we can match the best products with the highest skills.

Feel free to visit our Contact page and drop us a note, question or any comments. We always love hearing what our clients have to say.